Conditions of use

Condition of use

There are three types of usages, one is customer, second is vendor and the last is administrator.

1- Customer

All are free of charge, before posting the order, you must first register to the system including full name, address, telephone, email address and website is optional.

2- Vendor

Vendor must be registered to first, there are two types, free vendor and paid vendor.

2-1- Free vendor
It was no shown in manufactory category, free vendor posts the goods to are free, product specifications and cost, it means the price in which posted to is the cost of, Wise stands as a representative of free vendor, so we will markup the price to, all settlement will be cleared at first day of the month.

2-2- Paid vendor
It will be registered to the system with amount 250$ as monthly fee, vendors post goods to the system with their original price and 15% markup as commission.
Paid vendors will be shown in list of manufacturer at left side.

2-2-1- Local Vendor
If ordered loaded to the system, vendor will get mail message the order as well, then vendor must reply to Wisepharma not later than one day by phone or by mail reply. Vendor must arrange goods in packaging for Wisepharma delivery person to pick up. Wisepharma will deliver goods and get payment instead of vendors, and settle back to vendors once every first day of the month by bank account transfer, Maybank.

2-2-2-Offshore Vendor
Same as local vendor, except the mode of shipment must be made by international shipping rule and agent nominated by Wise Pharma Group, the settlement will be made by TT or LC up to the negotiation in both parts.

All goods ordered to the system in case of missing to offer to Wisepharma it will be recorded to database till three time will deleted the vendor from system automatically without notice and hosted to latest news of site.

For any changes of goods like price, specification or presentation must be informed to Wisepharma in advance, Wisepharma will offer rights to make amend by vendor self.

In case of not good practice with Wisepharma site, we suggest the vendor offers in soft copy of goods specifications to our stuff to key in.

Vendor has duty to arrange the packaging in good condition to handle to our stuff with accurate time of pick up not later than day for local deliver, and not later than 15 days for the globe.

Vendor issues invoice to Wisepharma stuff with both parties signed together to avoid miss understanding of goods handling. Vendor must be strongly get responsible for quality and packaging.

- Goods ordered from system, vendors must reply not later than 30 minutes to administrator in order to confirm to customers back ontime the availability.

In case of goods return happened, we found goods are not suitable with system and any problems the vendors must change to customer without condition.

Vendors must assure to their goods be legal and no intrude to others like IP, region division or illegal to the state of country.

Vendor strongly recommended to have an email address to tie up with Wisepharma system, all process will be done automatically and monitored by system.


- Data management and key in all data if required

- Deliver the goods to end user ordered.

- Settlement back to vendors once every earlier of the month

- Hire banner advertising to vendor.